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Acrylic Painted | Thread Sketched | Hand – Dyed

Threads Plus Acrylic Painted Fabric

 This has been a fun week working with an acrylic painted fabric. For a while now, I haven't been satisfied with the backgrounds of my work.  I felt they were just plain boring.  So, I've been thinking of ways to kick it up a notch. I got my opportunity this week when I decided to … [Read More...]

Simple Ways to Promote your Art Show

Behind The Scenes of A Solo Show: Promote Your Art

Self-Promotion Doesn't Come Naturally for Most I know that it’s important to promote your art and share it with a wider audience. And although I do that, I must be honest with you. Self-promotion doesn’t come naturally to me and often it’s quite uncomfortable for me to do. I know a lot of … [Read More...]