Beyond every 
artwork lies an 
emotional creative

NOW, for the very first time, you get to 
discover both.

Drawn with Threads is a book about unlocking your individual creative potential. It is the backstory of how a textile artist realized her creative potential, resulting in an art exhibition of her artworks. This is an inspiring book about creativity.


This book includes 100 plus photos of completed artworks, work-in-progress and exhibition photos. Not only is this an inspiring story, it's a visually pleasing book that has been described as "an exhibition in a book".


Here's what they're saying

Just finished reading Drawn with Threads. Wonderful and inspiring!!!

The creative journey as described resonates very well with me. Inspired me to follow through with sharing my 10 year journey as an entrepreneur. Can’t wait to share your book with my network.

Ekow A.


Drawn with Threads is a generous book from fiber artist, Clara Nartey.  I appreciate her warm and encouraging style that reflects how she is living her creative journey. 

This information is helping to improve my own art work.  Her honesty about the emotional, as well as technical, ups and downs of the creative process will be helpful to other artists. 

Maureen L.

Fiber Artist

I hate to sound trite, but your audio diary changed my life! I have a big deadline coming up and now I am actually making progress.

Love your style. For someone who hates artists self-help books (Like The Artist's Way) I found this one refreshing. And it inspired me. Thanks to you I started an artist journal today. Keep up the good work!

Carol V.

Fiber Artist

I always learn a lot from Clara about her artwork.  She’s a very generous teacher.

Kathy B

Fiber Artist

It is a brave thing to share such intimate details and to allow us to look inside. As a fellow fiber artist I found it very inspiring indeed and know that I will take away inspiration from it that I can apply to my own process.

Laura B.

Fiber Artist

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