Drawn with Threads:

An intimate look at an exclusive textile art exhibition employing thread sketching techniques

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In this book you will discover:

100 PLUS Photos

Do you love fiber art? Then, you're about to enjoy lots of eye candy. You'll see very detailed photos of different textile/fabric art pieces up close and personal.

Step-by-Step Processes

You'll get an overview of the step-by-step processes which went into creating each of the pieces that was on view in this exhibit.

Get Inspired

You'll get lots of inspiration on how you can creatively combine basic sewing skills with drawing and painting skills. All the art pieces in this book  use thread sketching and thread painting techniques, where you use your sewing machine and threads to draw and color.

A Community Project

Art is a powerful force for good. In this book you'll discover how art was used to create a sense of belonging to bring an entire city together.

The Concept Behind an Art Exhibition

Are you the type of person who's interested in learning the meaning behind the art? Short statements, concepts and ideas related to the works have been presented in an easily digestible format.

Your Best Creative Self

Learn the Four T's that are stopping you from becoming your best creative self. Discover what you can do to overcome them to get yourself back to where you were always meant to be.

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